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Moose Hunting at Munroe Lake Lodge, Manitoba Canada

Moose only or Moose/Caribou Combo.

4 hunters per year.

9 day hunt, September 20th - 29th



We will be moose hunting in an area of Manitoba, Canada that has rarely been hunted and is exclusive only to Munroe Lake Lodge. This is prime moose country with lots of marshy areas and numerous rivers and feeder creeks. This nine day moose hunt is done from Munroe Lake Lodge, from September 20-29th. We offer a one guide per two hunters package.

We hunt the peak of the rut, luring big moose bulls by calling, both early morning and evening. Having a 1,000 pound Bull Moose answer your call will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and will not soon be forgotten.

Munroe Lake Lodge accommodates only 4 lucky hunters per year. Inquire early!

2 hunters will be hunting out of the main lodge and the other 2 will be hunting out of a spike camp on Munroe Lake.

The success rate for both areas is approximately the same.


Moose Hunting in Canada Moose Hunting in Manitoba