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Fishing - Typical Stay

Typical stay at Munroe Lake Lodge

(Times and activities may vary depending on season and weather)

Day One:

5:00 a.m. – Rise and Shine at one of the recommended hotels. No call from the air service mean the weather is good to go. You should enjoy a quick continental breakfast before checking out.

5:45 a.m. – Our guests drive or take a cab to the air service, a 5 – 10 minute drive north of the city of Thompson. At the north terminal, the pilot and cargo handlers load your luggage and gear on the 9-seater Cessna Caravan. Make sure all your luggage is on board, especially your tackle and rod cases!!

6:00 a.m. – When the pilot says, “We’re ready!”, you embark, grab your seat and buckle up. The pilot will give you a safety briefing and show you where the on board snacks and beverages are located. During the flight, some of our guests like to wear earplugs. These are located in the back pouch/pocket of each seat.

6:15 a.m. – Take off!! During the 90 minute, 242 mile flight you, will notice changes in geography, from thick boreal forest to sparse pre-tundra. After approximately 45 minutes, you will notice a large lake called South Indian Lake, which is the halfway point of your flight. A few minutes later you will fly over a small town called Tadoule Lake. Tadoule Lake, Manitoba’s northern most community is where some of Munroe Lake Lodge’s guides come from. In some cases, the Caravan will land and pick up our guides and bring them along to the lodge.

From Tadoule Lake, or just a few minutes later, you should be able to spot Munroe Lake. It will appear as a rather large body of water with two sets of double islands in the middle. Our repeat guests know exactly what to look for. Eventually you will see a strip of cleared land on a hill. That means you have spotted our 3300-foot airstrip. About the same time you notice the strip, we, at the lodge, will hear your approach. We will then start up our 4-wheelers and drive the trailers up the hill to the airstrip to see your aircraft land.

As the Caravan circle to land, try to spot moose or bear in the surrounding areas, or just absorb the pristine remote wilderness that will be yours for the length of your stay at Munroe Lake Lodge.

7:45 a.m. – Once the Caravan lands, the pilot opens the door you will be greeted by Michelle and Robert. It is always a pleasure for us to welcome new and repeat guests to our lodge. It is similar to having a family member come to our home for a visit. We unload the luggage and cargo into the trailers. As the trailers are brought down to the main lodge, you will be assigned a room for your stay at Munroe Lake Lodge. After setting up in your room, we will invite you to attend a short orientation meeting in the main lounge. Michelle and Robert will go over schedule, safety measures, and general information. Over coffee, we will complete your fishing license all the while telling you about last week’s success and hot spots. Once the licenses are done, you will make yourself a lunch for the day, get your beverages and cooler ready and set out for the day.

You will walk the 50 yards to the dock where Robert and the guides will have the boats ready to go. Each boat will have a full boat tank, extra fuel, depth finder with fresh battery, GPS-SPOT, seat cushions, life jackets, net or cradle. Everything you need for a great day of fishing.

Robert likes to be at the dock when you leave for the day and when you return after the day of fishing, to make sure you have everything you need or to hear about what you would like for the next time you go out.

5:30 p.m. – Every day Michelle will have prepared a different delicious appetizer available in the main lounge. Many of our guests enjoy their favorite beverage while they try out these tasty treats.

6:00 p.m. – Supper is ready. We call our guests to their tables where they enjoy another of Michelle’s masterpieces. Whether regular fare or diet sensitive, Michelle prepares wonderful meals, forcing us to remind you “Leave room for dessert, it’s worth it!!”

7:00 p.m. – After supper, you can go fishing for a few hours, go for a walk, or just relax in the main lounge. We just like to know where you are planning to go, for safety purposes.

Bedtime: When you are ready, you can retire to your room for the evening. Our guests tend to sleep very well, with all the excitement of fishing, good food, and fresh air.

Days 2-5

(or 2-7 depending on your package)

6:00 a.m. – Michelle and Robert are up and about, preparing breakfast and taking care of other daily duties. Coffee is always on at this time so we invite to come to the main lounge and chat, read the weather report, or just soak in the sunrise.

7:00 a.m. – Breakfast is served. Again Michelle makes a different, delicious, hearty breakfast to get you fuelled up for the day.

After breakfast, if you have decided not to go with a shore lunch for today, you will be invited to the kitchen to prepare your lunch for the day.

If you decide against sandwiches and want to go for the Shore Lunch, we have two excellent spots with fire pits and picnic tables. Robert or Michelle will show you on a map where these spots are located and equip you with everything you need, except the fish!!

7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. – Usually the first day is more of an exploration of various spots. Then, the rest of the trip, you expand on these spots. Each morning a weather report is published and available in the main lounge. Depending on weather you could head down to the south end of Munroe Lake to fish for Arctic Grayling in the Greening River or try out some spots in and around McKinnon Bay for some trophy Northern Pike or Lake Trout. You could decide to stay on the East side and try your luck on some of the beaches, weed beds, and rock piles, including the beautiful and inspiring Thomas Bay.

One day you might decide to stay on the West side, exploring Moses’s Spot, Brownstone River, or Pike Bay. If you decide not to wander too far from the main lodge, you could concentrate on many of the nearby hot spots such as Gull Rock, 1st or 2nd Narrows, M+M Bay, 2 north rivers, Thumb Bay, Hook Bay, or many others.

As the trip progresses, you will become more and more comfortable with the routine and the environment. BUT never forget to let Robert or Michelle know if you need anything at all. We are more than happy to do all we can to accommodate you.

Last Day

7:30 a.m. – Your gear and personal items are packed, you’ve had a good breakfast, and unfortunately, we wait for the Caravan to appear in the southern sky. Inevitably someone says “The plane, the plane” and we all head up to the airstrip to prepare for the trip back home and to welcome a new group.

8:30 a.m. – Michelle and Robert wish you a safe and uneventful trip, all the way home. We look forward to hearing from you periodically over the course of the year and, of course, we look forward to having you back as our guest once again, next year, at Munroe Lake Lodge.

10:00a.m. – The Caravan lands in Thompson, and will, depending on you circumstances, will either have you disembark at the Calm Air terminal of at the air service terminal.

Have a safe trip home!! We hope you had a great trip!! Enjoy the memories!!