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Fishing - Lake Trout

Manitoba Lake Trout Fishing




Munroe Lake has a very healthy population of Manitoba Lake Trout and produces many trophy giants each year.

Early season Trout fishing is both consistent and easy. Lakers are commonly found in shallow water areas, streams, river mouths, and current flows. The many esker points, gravel bars, and drop offs adjacent to sand bars also hold Trout at this time.

As the season progresses, Munroe Lake Lakers will relocate to deeper, main-lake basins and feed around mid-lake islands.

By mid to late August, Lake Trout return to the shallow waters as they prepare for the fall spawn. During this late season fishing, our guests experience a whole new level of Lake Trout activity, often referred to as a Fisherman's Paradise. The Trout are voracious during this time and the fishing can only be described as phenomenal.

A few years ago, a 45 inch Lake Trout was taken, among many others in the Manitoba Master Angler Trophy category, which is 35 + inches.